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The term “Digital Marketing Agency” or DMA is tosses around a lot these days, but what is a DMA and how exactly can a great DMA help me? 

Hooyah Designs has created this page in an effort to help explain away all the Marketing Mumbo Jumbo. We want you to know that not only are we amazing at our job, but that we arnt here to shock and aww you with buzz words and fancy cars. Here at Hooyah Designs we cant stand all the fake gurus that say they can fix all your problems with a fail proof plan and too complex stratagies to explain. We lay it all out in the open. Heck we are creating an entire section and dedicating quite a few hours a week in the effort to dispell the ilusion and this is a confusing and mistifiying art. Its just hard work and dedication. I hope you find our weekly blogs informative and helpful. 

Thank you for checking out our work.

-Jamie Robbins (Creator & Owner) 

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These days, it isn’t enough to just have one kind of content for your business. Consumers are continually looking for new ways to have better experiences, so they expect only the most engaging content from brands they trust.  One type of content advertising that’s on the rise in the digital marketing space is the podcast. …
Podcasts continue to surge in popularity with every passing year. What started as a niche platform evolved into a media juggernaut that caters to almost every interest imaginable: pens, background actors sharing secrets about TV and movie production, and frequently ignored aspects about architecture. You can even see this in the diversity that makes up …
Advertising will always be an integral part of any given business’s attempt at growth. Whether it is in selling your products/services or promoting your brand itself, its various forms can easily generate more income for your business. You typically have the option to display ads on different digital platforms such as your websites and social …
When it comes to any business process, whether it is crafting products or developing the website, a plan is always necessary. Going into any business blind and without the knowledge and understanding of the game will inevitably lead to failure, which is why you’ll need a proper brand strategy. The best website design elements tend …
One of the best ways to market your business today is through podcasting. When people hear a message, they are more likely to listen to it since the human voice can convey trust and reassurance. If you get a subject matter expert to talk about your topic, you will establish your show as one of …
One of the best ways to get ahead of your competitors online is through SEO marketing. When you use blog posts, infographics, and podcasts strategically, you can help your site rank higher for both domain and individual pages. You can adopt SEO for your podcasts in several ways. Here are some techniques you could add to …

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